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Gyro Twins Food Truck

Our Story

We fell in love with Charlotte at first sight and quickly moved here from New York almost two years ago. While we love our new home, it didn't take us long to realize that something is missing.  That something is authentic Greek food prepared fresh and from quality ingredients - no shortcuts.

Greek food is what we grew up on, and it's what we miss most.  We've tried just about every restaurant in Charlotte, and what we found is that most places are passing off frozen elongated slices of hamburger as our beloved gyro, and that just won't do.  When we couldn't find the dishes we missed here; we started creating them in our own kitchen.

We want to bring that yummy homemade goodness to Charlotte, so bought a food trailer, loaded it up with imported cheeses, kalamata olives and all kinds of Greek treasures and we're bringing it to you all at the speed of rush hour traffic!

Our recipes have been tested and perfected; we've handpicked our ingredients and our trailer. We are so close...you are so close.  We can't wait to bring you our expertly shaved gyro slices on warm pita bread topped with sweet onions, tomato and our homemade tzatziki sauce, and that's just the tip of the iceberg lettuce!

Our menu will include pork gyro, our family recipe chicken gyro, vegetarian gyros starring some very special imported cheeses, Greek dips, real Greek salads, spinach pies, olive breads, home made dressings and weekly lunch and dessert specials.

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Lunch Box Menu:

$11 each, 10 person minimum

Includes one sandwich (choices below), a side of orzo salad, canned soda OR bottled water and a piece of baklava.

Your choice of any of the following pita:

Lamb Gyro
Lamb, tomatoes, onions, and tzatiki sauce

Chicken Gyro  
Chicken, tomatoes, onions, and tzatiki sauce

Halloumi cheese, Canadian bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, and mayonnaise

Hummus, onions, tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced Kalamata olives

*Gluten-free options are available, please contact us.

Party Menu:

$10 per person, 20 person minimum (order increments of 5)

  • Lamb Gyro
  • Chicken Gyro
  • Rice Pilaf
  • Orzo Salad
  • Sliced Tomatoes
  • Diced Red Onions
  • Tzatziki Sauce
  • Hummus
  • (Warm Pita is included)

Add Ons:

  • $55 - Tray of Spinach Pies (serves 20)
  • $40 - Tray of Baklava (serves 20)
  • $30 - Large Greek Salad (serves 10)
  • $30 - Dip Trio (Htipiti, Skordalia & Melitzanosalata served with pita wedges and baby carrots(\)
  • $1/each - Soda & Bottle Water 

*Gluten-free options are available, please contact us.

Following equipment is included: bowls, napkins, forks, serving spoons & tongs, chafing stands, steam pans, and fuel.

Find Us

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Alternate Wednesdays: 
Whitehall Corporate Center


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Fridays:                                                                                                  5pm-10pm                                                                                              Sycamore Brewing


Alternate Wednesdays:
South Park Eats Alternative


Innovation Park - Entrance 7


Saturdays:                                                                                        12pm-9pm                                                                                              Sycamore Brewing


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